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Cut - Adelaide Fringe Award Best Theatre Wk 2
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McNirt Hates Dirt - Minter Ellison 'Fringe and Beyond' Award
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No Privacy - Nominated for The Holden Street Theatres' Adelaide Award
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Written by Johhny Grim and presented by Moore Books

Itís a dogís life.

There are so many rescue dogs each year being taken to organisations like the RSPCA and SA Dog Rescue and unfortunately a lot of these dogs are not the little furry fluffy ones. But these big dogs need homes too and having had a rather large rescue dog myself, I can honestly say that the owner has the ability to turn a dog from the wrong side of the tracks into a loyal old friend who lives until he is 15 and spedst almost all of his life asleep in the sunshine.

The Oodle Dog Controversy and the Designer Dog Debate and now the ever rising issue of puppy farms is important as the idea of cross breeding and getting it wrong can see more and more animals in recuse homes.

I found out recently that historically all dogs are the result of cross breeding. The Fox Terrier, one of the most famous breeds in the world, is said to have come from the Beagle, Old English Bulldog, English Toy Terrier, Pointer and even Dalmatian. All of which were used in the creation and stabilisation of the breed.

The Breed Standard of the Miniature Fox Terrier was written in 1986 and the breed is still not recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council. But the Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc. holds the registry of pedigrees for this breed.

So will the Cavadoodle, Cock-A-Mo, Bullypit, Pomimo, Saint Berdoodle, Bernedoodle, Bassetoodle, Boxerdoodle, Dalmadoodle, Bich-poo, Bossi-poo, Eskapoo, Aussie-Poo, Brat, Raggle, Cock-A-Chon, Fo-Chon, Yo-Chon, Wee-Chon or the Soft Coated Woxer ever make it to the pure bred list? Or, are cross breds safe breeds to buy? I donít know.

But for now I do know that the old saying is true.

A dog is not just for Christmas, itís for life.

MUTTS: A Dog's Tail By Johnny Grim

From the 24th of June, tickets on sale soon through Holden Street Theatresí Box Office.

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