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The Stage is being set as actors learn their last few lines...

It's nearly here and we are ready.

The stage is painted, the sets being built and the last few props are being sourced from second hand shops, people's sheds and post Christmas sales across Adelaide.

Actors are checking that their costumes still fit after the holiday season and all that yummy Christmas lunch and we are madly working to sell tickets. The Holden Street office is agog with action.

"This is undoubtedly the best season we have presented and I for one am very excited to bring it to you." Martha Lott - Artistic Director said of the 2016 season.

Get your tickets early and support Holden Street Theatres this Adelaide Fringe 2016.

Ticket sales are through this website by clicking on the show's page or by calling 08 8 8225 8888

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CABAres CABArei - u-next theatre

Zijah A. Sokolovic captivates audiences with his mastery in mimics, with his strong and confident voice he can take audience from the irrepressible laughter to serious thinking, he plays with feelings and opinions of his audience and takes them to the edge of endurance while in his acting he intertwines two major universal themes of love and death.

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Volunteers and Interns

We are currently accepting applications for the Holden Street Theatres Adelaide Fringe 2016. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of our amazing team.

Holden Street Theatres Adelaide Fringe 2016

The Program is amazing and Schools can book now through our head office. or email fringe@holdenstreettheatres.com


Gambler's Guide to Dying

Labels by Joe Sellman-Leava

Be Your Age...

Class Clowns Adelaide Heat/SA

Diary of an Everyday Kid

Dr Who's Midnight

Echoes by Henry Naylor


Funny Business - The Famous Galah Returns!

KINTSUGI - "The Art of Mending"

Mutts by Johnny Grim

Peter Goers in "Actors, Drunks ..."

Post Dining

Prince Pipsqueak

Shakespeare For Kids

The Element in the Room...

The Orchid and the Crow




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