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The Great Australian Snail Race

The Recycled Theatre Company and Holden Street Theatres present


About the show

On your marks, get set...ESCAR-GO!

Is your snail the fastest? Enter your speedy snail in the coolest race ever and win fantastic prizes. Held Sundays at the Holden Street Theatres, the winners will go into the Grand Final on the final weekend of the Fringe. Each week will have guest judges and weekly prizes, so don’t miss out!

Free entry for spectators, with a $2 fee for participants. Enter your competitor now.

Also check out the Bugsnslugs care sheet below on the best ways to care for your snail.

Bugsnslugs Racing Snail Care Sheet

Racing Snails, decorated or undecorated, are common garden snails (Cornu aspersum) (formally Helix aspersa) that are native to the Mediterranean area and western Europe. Whether deliberately or accidentally, humans have spread them to temperate and subtropical areas worldwide. They feed on fungi and rotting vegetation, like leaf litter and will also take cucumber, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower leaves and mollusc mix*.

Provide your snail with an enclosure with moist peat moss** substrate with a layer of leaf litter on top. Ensure that a dish of water is provided and a hide (like a piece of pvc pipe or broken terracotta pot). Garden snails like to be kept at around 15 – 25 degrees. They are better adapted to colder temperatures. They can estivate (shut down) during summer but extreme heat can kill them so you should keep your snail/s in a cool place on hot days. You should remove and replace uneaten food daily and clean and refresh the snails water bowl every day or two.

*Mollusc mix is really not essential for garden snails but it is a great way to feed them when you have run out of their favorite leaves and veg: here’s the recipe we use:

• 1 part rolled oats or museli

• 1 cup grass seeds or bird seed

• ¼ cup koi pellets or guinea pig pellets

• 1 tablespoon vitamin Powder

• 1 tablespoon calcium carbonate Powder, Milk powder or Cuttle bone, ground.

• 1 tablespoon tropical fish food with spirulina or plain spirulina powder

The ingredients are blended into a fine powder then mixed with water and 5ml of liquid vitamin E to form a thick paste which can be frozen and then thawed, as needed. Don’t be too fussy about quantities.

**Coco peat is available in a brick from large hardware stores like Bunnings. You’ll find it in the specialist potting mix isle. The brand we use is ‘Brunnings’ and we are careful to only use the one that does not have any fertilizer added (as this is not good for your snails). Products that contain soil wetter are ok as this is not toxic to snails.

Any questions or problems please don’t hesitate to contact us info@bugsnslugs.com.au

Happy Racing!!!

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Origin: AUS

Rating: G

Length: 120 minutes

Season: 2018

4, 11, 18 Mar at 11am



Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Garden, Holden Street Theatres



8 Mar - 18 Mar

Holden Street Theatres - The Manse



1 Mar - 2 Mar

Holden Street Theatres - The Arch



13 Feb - 15 Mar

Holden Street Theatres - The Arch



28 Feb - 17 Mar

Holden Street Theatres - The Studio