• Wayne Anthoney in Don Parties On

    Wayne Anthoney in Don Parties On

  • The three blokes in Don Parties On

    The three blokes in Don Parties On

  • First Reading for Don Parties On.​

    First Reading for Don Parties On.​

    Photos by Richard Parkhill

  • Richard - Brant Eustice

    Richard - Brant Eustice

    Photos by Richard Parkhill

  • Kath - Julie Quick

    Kath - Julie Quick

  • Don and Mal - Wayne Anthoney and Adrian Barnes

    Don and Mal - Wayne Anthoney and Adrian Barnes


David Williamson’s DON PARTIES ON

‘The most popular playwright in the country’ – The Age

‘Williamson is at his best… it is the theatre’s gain that he has decided to party on’ – Variety

It’s 21 August 2010, the night of yet another federal election and, of course, yet another election night party at Don’s place. Over the decades, as he and his friends watched governments come and go, they have also closely followed the incoming results from each other’s lives: the tallies of luck and misfortune, the unexpected swings for and against. And through it all, the lesson that this crowd of superannuated Baby Boomers never seemed to learn is that politics and strong personalities should never be mixed with alcohol.

Maintaining the rage. Forty years ago, an aggressive young playwright muscled his way onto the scene with a clutch of time-defining plays, including Don’s Party. With this sequel, David Williamson celebrates four decades of telling the tribe their story.The sequel to the smash hit, Don’s Party, 40 years later the gang is back together for another raucous election night. It’s a comical disaster just waiting to happen!

Cast and Creatives:

Adrian Barnes

Brant Eustice

Brian Godfrey

Julie Quick

Jessica Carroll

Kate van der Horst

Lyn Wilson

Victoria Morgan

Wayne Anthoney


Theatre Association of South Australia

"Director Michael Eustice has gathered an exceptional cast of performers ..... Expectation was running high with a sell out opening night and the performance did not disappoint." TASA - read full review

Broadway World

"Don and Kath are played by Wayne Anthoney and Julie Quick, stalwarts of the Adelaide theatre scene, with countless roles to their credit. They are superb as the mismatched couple…." BWW - read full review

The Barefoot Review

"Eustice's direction, aided by wonderfully sound characterisation and comic timing by the ensemble, ensures the clash of nostalgia, historical reality and personal experience flows evenly, striking notes of revelation at the perfect moment." The Barefoot - read full review

Stage Whispers

"Ex-wife Jenny is superbly delineated and forcefully delivered by Lyn Wilson, who deftly avoids going over-the-top, and in this reviewer's opinion, easily matches the award-winning film portrayal of the character by Pat Bishop." Stage Whispers - read full review

Kyrztoff RAW

"Williamson’s biting humour aided by Eustice’s deft handling of the brewing farce keeps the whole rollicking along and richly enjoyable for all." Kryztoff RAW - read full review

Adelaide Theatre Guide

"Williamson is a master at dynamics, and the play rises and falls, bringing in comedy, shocking twists and painful turns at just the right times. His characters are real and flawed, and this was well portrayed by the talented cast." Adelaide Theatre Guide - read full review

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Adrian Barnes, Victoria Morgan and Brian Godfrey


Season: 2016



Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th

Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th

@ 7:30pm


$15.00 - $21.50

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Studio, Holden Street Theatres

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Fri 11th November 2016

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