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The Day the Internet Died & How to Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play

Presented by Wings2Fly Theatre


Wings2Fly Theatre are back with another double bill of hilarious one act plays. Catch the rising stars of SA this April.

The Day the Internet Died

by Ian McWethy & Jason Pizzarello

A devastating occurrence happens to a small town. No, it’s not famine, or floods, or loss of your basic rights. The internet has gone down! And it will continue to be down! For a week! A whole week! Pandemonium! In a world that is so dependent on the internet for shopping, mailing, and posting pictures of cute babies, how will society function? Not well as it turns out. The Day the Internet Died hilariously explores how inept we are at dating, research, and basic human interactions when we don’t have a screen to look at.


How to Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play

by Don Zolidis

Some day it’s going to happen: You’re going to find yourself on stage, wearing tights, and saying things in iambic pentameter. Face it, you’re in a Shakespeare play, and that means it’s a pretty good bet you’re going to DIE. The Bard is out for blood, but this play is here to stop him! How could Romeo and Juliet survive? Julius Caesar? A nameless soldier in Henry the Fifth? What if King Lear had an emotional support llama and didn’t need to make terrible mistakes? Join us in discovering how a dozen of Shakespeare’s plays could’ve turned out differently! If only they listened…

Suitable for all ages.
Please note masks may be required during the performance.

The Day the Internet Died & How to Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play


Genre: Theatre

Season: 2021

Dates: 17th - 18th April

Duration: 120 min (including interval)

17 - 18 April: 2:00pm & 5:00pm

General Admission: $25

Venue: The Studio

34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh SA 5007


HST are making every effort to make our performances accessible to all patrons. Accessible seating is available in The Studio.

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The Day the Internet Died & How to Survive Being in a Shakespeare Play