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First of all we would like to thank everyone one that has helped support the venue during the current crisis. To everyone that has bought a beer, purchased a voucher or come along to one of our resent shows, we couldn't do it with out you. The love and warmth we have felt from our community is truly inspiring and we are looking forward to the future ahead. So far the money raised has gone to supporting artists, our staff, maintenance and opening the theatre up with limited capacities.

However we're not out of the woods yet. With many restrictions still in place including density requirements as well as increased staff numbers to ensure health and safety, the theatre isn't quite back to normal. While we have loved opening up our theatre again and bringing the public some much needed entertainment, the costs still outweigh the income and we can still use your help.

To help us out, you can buy a beer for the venue. Buy a virtual beer for yourself, shout a beer for your mate, or if you want, buy a round, a carton or even a keg so that we can pay the hard costs and keep running our fabulous theatre.

No you won’t get to drink it but you will help us stay open past this crisis.

#buyabeer and share it on your socials to keep this alive then upload a pic add #buyabeer and #holdenstreettheatres and we’ll all be cheering together. If you know a venue that wants to join in let us know and we can set it up for them too.

In the meantime keep safe, happy and healthy and we’ll see you back at Holden Street soon.

Buy A Beer



Soft Drink: $5.00

Beer: $9.00

Wine: $14.00

Carton: $50.00

Keg: $200.00

This is a virtual drink and does not represent a physical drink. This is a donation to Holden Street Theatres