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Image: Alex Brenner

About the show

Marie Curie's story is a tale of glowing powders with extraordinary powers, lives saved and destroyed, and unparalleled achievements in the face of unbelievable odds.

Back in Adelaide by popular demand, writer and performer John Hinton returns to the Fringe in the third installment of his Scientrilogy: 'The Element in the Room'.

Featuring incredible scientific breakthroughs, very silly songs, and an audience participation radioactive decay chain, this is an exuberant celebration of the first woman to win a Nobel prize, whose work continues to affect our lives today.

Full of heart, great songs, and the most entertaining ways to learn chemistry, 'The Element in the Room' can be seen as a solo show or with the other installments of the Scientrilogy: "Origin of Species..." and "Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking."

Winner: ThreeWeeks Editors' Award, Edinburgh Fringe 2016; Critics Circle Award, Adelaide Fringe 2016

Praise for 'John Hinton's Scientrilogy: The Element in the Room'

"Highly Recommended... his glee is genuinely infectious... Go see: you'll be radiating joy." - Fringe Review

"★★★★★ It's clever, heartfelt and it’s made me the most excited I've been about science in years." - Broadway Baby

★★★★★ - Musical Talk

★★★★ - The Times

★★★★ - Fringe Guru


Writer: John Hinton
Director: Daniel Goldman
Music: John Hinton, Jo Eagle
Marie Curie: John Hinton
Pierre Curie: Jo Eagle


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Due to a very late change to the HST program the session dates and times for 'John Hinton's Scientrilogy' have been changed.

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Origin: UK

Rating: G

Length: 60 minutes

Season: 2018

15 Feb - 18 Mar


Adult: $28.00
Concession: $25.00
Group: $22.00
Preview: $17.00

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Arch, Holden Street Theatres

Tickets on Sale Now