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A Little Bit of Pain Never Hurt Anyone

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About the show

"Hello, everyone. My name is Doctor Billy and I'm eight-and-three-quarters and this is my story. My friend is Jess and he is a stupid boy and he loves me to death, so we are going to go down, down, down together into the dark in our submarine. My mum says I don't need a man, but she doesn't know anything. He promised he will never hurt me so everything is going to be perfect."

In this new work by Melburnian playwright Bredndan McDougall, a boy and a girl who meet in a sandpit try to learn how to be strong independent women. As Jess and Billy grow up together, they come up against a world trying to tell them that the only way to be happy is to perform the roles they were assigned at birth. Joyful and sad in equal measure, this play combines the weird worlds of Lally Katz with the theatrical inventiveness of Caryl Churchill. It will move anyone who has ever felt trapped by the way young Australian men and women are instructed on how to love themselves and others.

It’s about fertility, footballs, and dads both dead and dying. This two-decade love story captured in 55 minutes is not to be missed.


Director: Benjamin Sheen

Writer: Brendan McDougall

Billy: Brittany Lewis

Jess: Julian Dibley-Hall


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Origin: VIC

Rating: M

Length: 55 minutes

Season: 2018

15-16, 18 Feb at 9:15pm
18, 24 Feb, 3 Mar at 1:45pm
20, 27 Feb at 7:45pm
21-25, 28 Feb, 1-4 Mar at 7:45pm


Adult: $25.00
Group: $22.00
Concession: $22.00
Cheap Tuesday: $18.00

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Arch, Holden Street Theatres

Tickets on Sale Now