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Holden Street Theatres Adelaide Fringe Season 2007

***** WHAT I HEARD ABOUT IRAQ by Simon Levy


Presented by Holden Street Theatres' Directors’ Choice '07 and in Association with Paul Lucas Productions & Festival Highlights

  • Directed by Martha Lott
  • Starring Renato Musolino, Jada Alberts, Nathan Porteus, Nicholas Ely and Tamara Lee
  • Designed by Louise Dunn
  • Lighting by Tony Moore
  • The Directors' Choice Season (Winner of the Adelaide Critics Circle Group Award for Excellence in the Arts) presents Simon Levy's What I Heard About Iraq. Based on the uncompromising and blackly comic article by Eliot Weinberger, this stage adaptation utilizes direct quotes (along with video and audio clips) from politicians, military chiefs, US soldiers & Iraqi citizens to reveal the unfolding human story (and human toll) behind the US Invasion of Iraq. A$23 C$15 GB$15 FB$17 Ch$15

    ***** “What I Heard About Iraq should be viewed with an open mind, regardless of political affiliation.” (LA Times)

    ***** “Groundbreaking” (The Scotsman)

    UNDER MILK WOOD by Dylan Thomas

    Presented by Holden Street Theatres and Guy Massterson

  • Starring Guy Massterson
  • Directed by Tony Boncza
  • Original Music by Matt Clifford
  • ***** The Daily Mail, ***** The Edinburgh Guide

    ***** Three Weeks

    **** The Scotsman

    **** The Herald

    A hit in the Adelaide Fringe '06, Edinburgh and the West End, Dylan Thomas' timeless classic is brought to life in an astonishing solo performance. Bawdy, beautiful, sad and sensual, Guy Massterson creates the ultimate rendition of this magical journey. Using nothing but a wooden chair, dark glasses, apposite lighting and a beautifully haunting soundscape by Matt Clifford, Guy Massterson performs the entire work - all 69 characters; men, women, girls, boys, cows, pigs, a horse and a cat - himself! It is unbelievably recreated and entirely enchanting. A$25 C$20 GB$20 FB$20 Ch$17

    “One of the most inventive, remarkable performances of the decade!” - The Times

    “There's no denying that Guy Massterson solo version of Dylan Thomas's "play for voices" is a piece with a pedigree, performed to acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe, in the West End and around the world.” - The Scotsman

    ***** ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell

    Presented by Holden Street Theatres and Guy Massterson


  • Adapted by Guy Massterson
  • Starring Gary Shelford (Angry Young Man – Advertiser Fringe Award winner Fringe ’06)
  • Directed by Tony Boncza (Under Milk Wood & Fern Hill)
  • ***** Edinburgh Fringe, **** Edinburgh Festivals

    Gary Shelford performs Guy Massterson's internationally acclaimed adaptation of Orwell's timeless masterpiece Using nothing but a wooden box, some amazingly creative sound effects and effective lighting, George Orwell's barnyard classic is told with clarity, power and truth. Shelford tells the story through the characters, switching from animal to animal, each possessing a different voice and unique characterisation. The audience follows this narrative.

    The simplicity and magic of Orwell's fairytale and his allegorical message of betrayed idealism is thus conveyed with blinding relevance proving the work to be as important today as it was 50 years ago. Now a legendary solo theatrical distillation of Orwell's classic book. A must for all ages, a phenomenon.... A tour de force. A$23 C$17 GB$17 FB$17 Ch $15

    “Brilliant, delightful, graceful, artful, poetic and powerful.” ... “It's a feat of multiple characterisation impeccable timing, vocal dexterity and precise physical control, performed with tremendous sensitivity and panache!" ... "A brilliant adaptation which delights with its physical grace and artistry. It's complex and entirely theatrical; a combination of bravura acting and poetic storytelling which milks new nuance and meaning!" – The Scotsman

    "ANIMAL MAGIC! ... This famous tale is ignited, bringing both humour and a sinister aspect to the rhetoric of the upwardly mobile pigs." – The Herald


    Presented by Holden Street Theatres and Guy Massterson

  • Directed by Tony Boncza
  • Adapted and Performed by Guy Massterson(UK)
  • ***** British Theatre Guide

    ***** Scotland on Sunday

    ***** The Edinburgh Guide

    **** The Scotsman

    **** The List

    Guy Massterson's award winning performance brilliantly conjures Dylan Thomas' romantic lyricism and passion, unforgettably illuminating his mastery of language. The programme includes three of Thomas' wonderful short stories; A Visit To Grandpa's, Holiday Memory and, of course, A Christmas Story (more popularly known as A Child's Christmas In Wales), plus a selection of his greatest verse including Fern Hill, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night and Death Shall Have No Dominion. A$25 C$20 GB$20 FB $20 Ch$17

    “Fern Hill is not only pure enchantment; it's also an outstanding achievement.” (What’s On in London)

    “staggering energy and invention" (The Scotsman)


    Presented by Inverted Dance (VIC)

    In The Studio 13 -18 Mar @ 6pm, 15 Mar @ 12.30pm


    Presented by Urban Myth Theatre of Youth (SA)

    In The Studio 29 & 30 Mar @11am, 30 & 31 Mar @ 6pm


    Presented by Stone/Castro Company (GER/PORT/SPA)

    In The Studio 26 Mar @ 8pm, 27 & 28 Mar 9.45pm


    Presented by Orsino Images (VIC)

    In The Arch 20 -24 Mar @ 5.30pm, 25 Mar @ 7pm

    Jo Stone Concert

    Presented by Stone/Castro Company (GER/PORT/SPA)

    In The Studio 23 Mar 11pm

    Red Sky

    Presente by Stone/Castro Company (GER/PORT/SPA)

    In The Studio 22, 23 & 24 Mar 9.45pm

    Sakura Sayer

    Presented by Gumbo Theatre (JAP)

    In The Studio 9 & 10 Mar @ 6pm, 11 Mar @ 7pm, 12 & 13 Mar 9.30pm

    Trouble in Mind

    Presented by Orsino Images (VIC)

    In The Arch 20 -24 March @ 10pm & 25 Mar @ 9pm

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