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Holden Street Theatres Adelaide Fringe Season 2016



by Gary McNair

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Award - Best Theatre WK1.

WINNER: Critics' Circle Choice Award - Commendation

★★★★★★ Glam Adelaide, Brian Godfrey

★★★★★ The Advertiser

★★★★★ City Messenger

★★★★★ The Clothesline

★★★★★ Kryztoff

★★★★★ Sunday Mail

★★★★★ Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★ Great Scott Media

★★★★ Rip It Up

★★★★ Entertainment Hive

Broadway World

Radio Adelaide

Aussie Theatre



By Joe Sellman-Leava

WINNER: The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Award FINAL

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Award - Best Theatre WK2.

★★★★★ Sunday Mail

★★★★1/2 The Advertiser

★★★★1/2 Entertainment Hive

★★★★1/2 Glam Adelaide

★★★★ Great Scott Media

★★★★ InDaily

★★★★ Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★1/2 The Clothesline

The Barefoot Review

Broadway World

Radio Adelaide

"...the student ranks who fill Holden Street for much of its brilliant program absolutely whoop with approbation at this intelligence from a first-generation English mixed blood." The Barefoot Review

"Joe Sellman-Leava makes us laugh, makes us angry, and makes us very glad to have met him, albeit far too briefly." Broadway World

"I would highly recommend people go to see this performance as it is such as thought provoking place about issues that are ongoing at the moment."Radio Adelaide



By Henry Naylor

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Award -Best Theatre FINAL

WINNER: High Commendation - Adelaide Critics Circle Choice Award FINAL

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Award -Best Theatre WK1.

WINNER: Bank SA Pick of the Fringe Award WK1.

WINNER: Critics Circle Choice Award WK2.

★★★★★ The Advertiser

★★★★★ Sunday Mail

★★★★★ InDaily

★★★★★ Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★★ Glam Adelaide

★★★★★ Entertainment Hive

★★★★1/2 Great Scott Media

★★★★1/2 Kryztoff

★★★★ Rip It Up

Radio Adelaide

★★★★ The Clothesline

★★★★★ Barefoot Review

'outstanding show' - Fringe Review

Adelaide Fringe Reviews and Awards 2016

Peter Goers in Actors, Drunks and Babies Never Hurt Themselves

★★★★1/2 Kryztoff

“A fiery wit and a big heart”- ABC


★★★★ The Clothesline

Prince Pipsqueak

★★★★★ The Barefoot Review

The Element in the Room

★★★★★ InDaily

★★★★★ Great Scott Media

★★★★1/2 Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★1/2 The Clothesline

★★★★ Rip It Up

★★★★ The Advertiser

Post Dining

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Award - Emerging Artists Wk 3.

WINNER: Commendation - Adelaide Fringe Award - Best Interactive Wk 3.

The Orchid and the Crow

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Award - Best Theatre Wk 3.


★★★★ The Music

★★★★ The Age

★★★★ Time Out, Melbourne


★★★★★ Rip It Up

★★★★ (Sunday Times)