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Dark Wind Blowing: The Play

Presented by Deadset Theatre Company


Lance Loosley, a boy who’s known at school as “Loser” tells Mike that “Tenterfield”, the old property nearby, which has recently been bought by foreign investors, is being used as a laboratory to run dangerous experiments. Mike doesn’t believe Loser for a second because he’s always concocting stories to make himself look good. But one day at school, Loser is pushed too far by Budgie and Jordie. This time the humiliation and teasing is too much, and Loser seeks revenge. He smashes a test tube in class, a test tube that he says contains a deadly virus from the “Tenterfield” property. When the teacher and students begin having seizures, Mike and Jazz realise that perhaps Lance really was telling the truth…

This thriller is the premier stage adaption of Jackie French's iconic Australian novel.

Tickets available through holdenstreetheatres.com and adelaidefringe.com.au

Adelaide Fringe 2021 Reviews for 'Dark Wind Blowing: The Play'

"Deadset are setting the bar for theatre for youth by youth and it is an absolute credit to them." - The Theatre Association of South Australia

★★★★1/2 "It’s a must see" - The Clothesline

★★★★ "This production is worth seeing." - Barefoot Review

★★★★ "I too applaud this talented young company whose current work should be a requisite in school well-being." - Stage Whispers

Cast & Crew

Director: Zoe Muller

Assistant Director: Matilda Butler

Author: Jackie French

Playwright: Zoe Muller


Charlie Butler

Prudence Cassar

Lazuli Chittleborough

Connor Ferguson

Isiah Macaspac

Albert Ngo

Mikayla Partick

Hamish Phillips

Teliah Shepherdson

Deadset Theatre Company

Deadset Theatre Company, founded in 2017, aims to create theatre for and about young people aged between 15 – 26. DTC is filling a void within Adelaide theatre, giving opportunities to young people who are not often represented onstage. There are so many roles in Adelaide amateur theatre for older adults, however there are little to no shows that focus solely on young people. Deadset has taken this niche on-board, creating a company to fill that gap. Deadset’s sole purpose is to create theatre that allows young adults the opportunity to pursue challenging roles onstage, through scripts that are current, relevant and relatable to this generation.

Q&A with Deadset Theatre

What is a life-lesson you have learnt from the play?

Dark Wind Blowing looks at bullying, and how it effects young people. The main life lesson myself and the cast have taken from the show is that words can hurt, and bullying is never okay.

What is your favourite line from the play?

Our favourite line, which is also a bit of a spoiler is:

Mike, when it comes down to it, it wasn’t just his fault. Maybe if people treated me, the way you all that Lance, then maybe I’d react the same. He was just hurt, badly, and maybe he wanted you guys to understand”.

This is the moment where Mike realises that although he was only a bystander, he still was part of the problem.

What challenges have you faced when developing the play in 2020?

Our biggest challenge (other than putting on a production in the ever changing COVID-19 world), was trying to differentiate this story from COVID-19. Although this play is about a virus, it is in no way linked to the current pandemic. This story was written in 2000 by Jackie French, well before the pandemic! We are really trying to focus more on the themes within the play, rather than the virus!

Why did you want to perform an adaptation of this iconic Australian Novel?

When I was growing up, this story encouraged me to have resilience, and to try and look at the world through other people’s perspectives. I wanted other young people to experience this and take the same lessons from the story. Jackie French has always been one of my favourite authors, and I believe more original Australian stories should be brought to the stage for a new generation of young people.

The book was written 20 years ago, why do you think the story is still relevant today? Is there anything that is irrelevant now?

Unfortunately, this story is still relevant. Students are still being bullied, and those being bullied are still reacting in violent ways. Although this story centres around the release of a virus, it can be linked to a school shooting. A student is bullied, and in response they chooses to inflict pain on their classmates. Perhaps one day, bullying will be no longer. And hopefully one day, perpetrators seek help, rather than turning to severe violence. However, right now, this story is more relevant than ever.

Describe your show in 3 words

Though-provoking, thrilling and moving.


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Dark Wind Blowing: The Play



Genre: Theatre/Performance

Season: Fringe 2021

Rating: PG

Origin: SA

Dates: 2nd - 7th Mar

Duration: 60 min

2 - 4; 6- 7 Mar: 6:30pm
7 Mar: 1:30pm

Schools Perforamnce:
5 Mar: 11:00am
To book the schools performance, please contact

General Admission: $22
Concession: $17
Group (6+): $15
Double Your Applause: $44

Venue: The Arch

34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh SA 5007


HST are making every effort to make our performances accessible to all patrons. Accessible seating is available in The Arch.

Tickets Available Now! Dark Wind Blowing:
The Play

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