That Daring Australian Girl

The Holden Street Theatres' Adelaide Fringe Award and Joanne Hartstone present


About the show

“I was born a suffragette. I saw that the world treated women unfairly, and rebelled. The Women of England demand the Vote!” 'That Daring Australian Girl' is the amazing true story of Muriel Matters; the Adelaide-born Actress who became one of the leading figures of the UK’s Suffragette movement and was the “Foremost Woman Orator in Britain”.

A solo-play with music written and performed by Joanne Hartstone. Last year Joanne had great success and an amazing season with her show 'The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign', with which she won the prestigious Holden Street Theatre Award. This year she is bringing her heart and soul to Muriel Matters Holden Street Theatre's Arch. 'That Daring Australian Girl' is directed by Nicholas Collett, with production and lighting design by Tom Kitney and costume design by Nikki Fort.


WINNER: Bank SA Best Theatre Award Week 3 - Adelaide Fringe 2018

Praise for That Daring Australian Girl at Adelaide Fringe 2018

★★★★★ 'Joanne Hartstone’s performance of Muriel Matters, the South Australian suffragette, was not only captivating but inspiring.' - Tulpa Magazine

'Hartstone’s emotional range is gripping, and costuming, set design and use of props and lighting is cleverly, seamlessly done. That Daring Australian Girl is impressive one-woman theatre.' - The Adelaide Review

★★★★ 1/2 'For 70 minutes, Joanne Hartstone holds sway, delivering a heart-on-sleeve performance' - Kryztoff RAW

★★★★★'Joanne Hartstone gives a rich portrait of a woman with a sense of purpose and a shrewd activism.' - Daily Review

★★★★ 'I can see That Daring Australian Girl having a long life in Australian Theatre.' - The Clothesline

★★★★ 'At the heart of this show is a faultless performance by Joanne Hartstone. There is great immediacy, vigour and nuance in this wonderful portrayal.' - Adelaide Theatre Guide

★★★★★'Hartstone is something of a darling Australian girl in her own right.' - The Barefoot Review

'From beginning to end, Joanne Hartstone’s performance in That Daring Australian Girl is a triumph.' - Stage Whispers

Praise for Joanne Hartstone's 2017 'The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign'

WINNER: 2017 Adelaide Fringe Made In Adelaide

WINNER 2017 Holden Street Theatre Award

★★★★★ "Joanne Hartstone is an all-round entertainer, oozing comedic, dramatic and musical talent. A true Super Star is Born.” –Edinburgh Guide

★★★★★ “The audience were utterly captivated by Hartstone’s in depth character study and riveting performance. A real highlight of the Fringe.” –Theatre Weekly

★★★★★ “A superb one woman show... Joanne gives an incredible performance, deeply moving at times although with its moments of humour” – Southside Advertiser


Writer/performer: Joanne Hartstone

Director: Nicholas Collett

Production/lighting design: Tom Kitney

Costume design: Nikki Fort

Adelaide Fringe 2018 News

"In a bare hour, Hartstone uses some of Muriel Matters’ words verbatim to show how modern she was in thought and manner" - The Advertiser

'Her career as an actress took her to the UK, where she was prominent in the movement for women's suffrage. She gained notoriety and eventually tasted victory, so it is surprising so many South Aussies haven't heard of her.' -Radio Adelaide.

'Joanne Hartstone tells it with passion, excitement, joy and sorrow and makes Muriel Matters come alive, this woman who gave so much of her life to a cause which had been won here but was so long coming in the mother country. ' - Australian Stage

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Origin: SA

Rating: PG

Length: 60 minutes

Season: 2018

6-11 Mar at 7.45pm
10, 17 Mar at 1.45pm
13-15, 17-18 Mar at 6.15pm


Adult: $25.00
Concession: $20.00

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Arch, Holden Street Theatres


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