Presented by Pierre Ulric Mysteries

Presented by Pierre Ulric Mysteries

"The Québécois-born illusionist has 25 years of passion, 20 years of stage experience, three passports, a thousand skills, countless acclaim and one beautifully enigmatic extravaganza." - Beat Magazine, Melbourne


"Tonight we entered Pierre’s world of imagination and were suitably overwhelmed with his talent of surrealism." 8/10 Eventalaide

"It’s the magic show that starts at the end and ends at the start." The Advertiser

About the show

ABSOLUTELY NOT TO BE MISSED! Following SOLD OUT shows at Perth Fringe World 2016, international mystery performer Pierre Ulric has come to Adelaide with an exciting new production.

Experience psychological illusions, mind-control, hypnosis and visual hallucinations. Fun and thought provoking theatrical surrealism, at its best…

The show is a theatrical magical performance with strong moments of magic, psychological games and some hypnotism.

The title 'White Lies' relates to the fact that the show explores how magic creates moments of positive astonishment and wonder through deception. It is really an investigation into the nature of humans and the mysterious through a theatrical moment!

About The Artist:

Pierre Ulric migrated to Australia from his native Canadian province of Quebec seventeen years ago, and can now be seen weaving his theatrical surrealism around the world, when he isn't gallivanting in Perth, Western Australia.

He has been involved in the craft for over 20 years and is recognised as an accomplished technician and theorist in the scene, having won several peer awards.

Pierre believes that magic is a powerful communication and expression medium, and particularly enjoys sharing his love for mystery performance with unsuspecting audiences everywhere.


- 25 years of experience in magic, professional magician now based in Perth.

- 2016: Original Show Sold-Out on 4/5 representations (Fringe World)

- 2015: Show Nominated for ‘Best of Cabaret’ (Fringe World)

- 2014: 'Best of 600 Seconds' (Fringe World)

- 2003 & 2005 WA Magician of the Year (WA Society of Magicians)

- 2003 National Strolling Magic Champion (Australian Convention)


This video provides a flavour of the type of performances contained in ‘White Lies’.

You can see some more photos and video trailers of what Pierre does on the home page (and gallery) of his website:


- Sold Out sessions at the 2017 Perth Fringe World Festival

- ★★★★½ Review from The Australia Times Review link here

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Genre: Magic

Season: 2017


7th - 12th @ 6:30pm

14th - 18th @ 6:30pm


Adult: $24.00, Conc: $15.00, Child: $15.00, Family: $55.00, Group 6+: $12.00, BankSA: $16.00

TREv: $14.00

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Arch, Holden Street Theatres

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