The Great Australian Snail Race

The Recycled Theatre Co., BugsNSlugs, and Holden Street Theatres present

http://www.holdenstreettheatres.com/application/files/thumbnails/large/7615/4103/4952/A photograph of the driveway to Holden Street Theatres venue on a sunny day. Written in multi-coloured chalk on the driveway is “The Great Australian Snail race”; the ‘A


Unfortunately, due to extreme heat we need to postpone Sunday's The Great Australian Snail Race.

Due to the week of intense heat leading up to tomorrow, the snails have aestivated (gone into a hot hibernation) and they can’t just wake up and snap out of it to take up where they left off. Basically they have to shut themselves down and then start themselves up again and this won't happen easily, if at all.

So, unfortunately we have to postpone until further notice. We deeply apologise for this and are hoping to reschedule at a later time Media Release

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A goofy photo collage of an actual snail with a painted rainbow coloured trail crossing a photograph of a ‘finish’ line, pasted against a bright solid-yellow background. Pasted on the snail’s shell is the Holden Street Theatres Logo of a black and white c

The Great Australian Snail Race

Genre: Children's/Events

Origin: SA

Rating: G

Duration: 120 mins

Season: 2019

Dates & Times: 3 Mar - 11:00am


Participants: $2.00

Spectators: Free

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Garden

HST are making every effort to make our performances accessible to all during the 2019 Adelaide Fringe. Accessible seating is available in The Garden.

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