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Gumption Theatre Co. in association with Helpmann Academy Presents

Prince Pipsqueak

Prince Pipsqueak will break new ground in children’s theatre at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe as it explores gender stereotypes and the pressures of masculinity facing young boys during their development.

The modern fairy tale, created by S.A based collective Gumption Theatre Co. follows an unconventional prince who’d rather catch butterflies than run a kingdom. But when the King and Queen go on holiday, Prince Pipsqueak needs to take charge.

The pressures that Pipsqueak faces to transform into a proper Prince reflect the real struggles that many young boys face to meet society’s standards of masculinity.

From a young age, boys are taught that in order to ‘be a man’ they should not express vulnerability or femininity. Studies show that girls and boys cry approximately the same amount until they reach the age of twelve, at which point this drastically changes. Many boys are also conditioned to believe that they can’t enjoy typically feminine things, such as dancing or the colour pink.

Cast & Company

Director - Abbie Johnstone


★★★★★ The Barefoot Review

Director Abbie Johnstone highlights these discrepancies as the show’s driving force;

“The conditioning of young boys to dissociate with vulnerability and femininity leads to many problems, particularly mental health issues. Prince Pipsqueak explores this in a way that’s accessible and most importantly fun for kids, as well as parents”


Gumption Theatre Co. is extremely passionate about creating socially aware and investigative theatre that serves its audience, with a focus on new Australian devised works. In 2014, Gumption Theatre Co. developed and premiered a new Australian contemporary play called The Market at the Adelaide Fringe. The piece was extremely well received by audiences and critics, with various sold out nights as well as a four star review in Rip it Up. The Market was the debut work from Gumption Theatre Co. Gumption Theatre Co. will premiere their new children's show Prince Pipsqueak at Adelaide Fringe 2016, which will be an important and inspiring theatre piece for young audiences and the young at heart.

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Season: 2016


13th-14th, 19th-21st, 27th-28th @ 1:30pm

26th @12:00 pm


Adult: $17.00, BankSA Customer: $15.00, Concession: $15.00, Family: $55.00, Group 6+: $14.00

Fringe Staff Discount: $15.00

Honey Pot, TREv: $15.00, Yep!: $1200

Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Studio, Holden Street Theatres

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