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Diary of an Everyday Kid

Diary of Everyday Kid explores social issues such as bullying, body image and the challenges of friendship. The play also takes the kids on a journey of migration to South Australia from three different countries (based on real life stories from family and friends of members of the cast), flies them through space in a rocket simulator and finishes with a drumming extravaganza on everyday objects!

Diary of an Everyday Kid was created following consultation with teachers of Years 4 – 7, and workshops with students in the Junior Performance Group from Prospect Theatre for Young People. Aimed at kids in the upper primary years, the show presents eight stories, each told through the eyes of an “everyday kid”.

This funny, challenging and thought provoking play was met with great acclaim from both school and general public audiences during its premiere season in 2015.

Cast & Company

Writer & Director - Margaret Steven

Designer - Kerry Reid

Performers - PTFYP Junior Group

“It was an excellent show… We loved the diary writing theme that wove through the play… The topics covered were great and the children did a fantastic job. Everyone came away raving about it

Teacher, Pulteney Grammar School


Prospect Theatre for Young People has been creating thoughtful and imaginative theatre for young audiences in Adelaide over the last five years.

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Season: 2016


26th @ 10:30 am

26th @ 1:30pm

28th @ 12:30 pm


3rd& 6th @ 11:00 am


Adult: $18.00, Child: $13.00

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Companion Card holders welcome.

Venue: The Studio, Holden Street Theatres

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