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Adelaide Fringe 2018 Registration FORM HERE

Artist Registrations are open now

To submit your production for consideration in the Holden Street Fringe Program please complete our online form and submit.

This form will give you the he opportunity to provide us with as much information as you can about the show, your company and what you would like to achieve this Fringe. Please include any information you feel will best explain your show to us and give us an idea of how we can best program your show.

We accept applications at any time before the Fringe deadline, however we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Offers may be made at any part of this process and we welcome you to contact us to discuss this.

Our final programme will depend on the overall artistic and technical balance of the shows in each performance space and therefore it won't be finalised it until October.

We will keep you updated and the progress of your application and please let us know if your intention to perform in Fringe is dependent on funding and grant rounds. We are able to provide letter s of support for those shows we intend to program only.

All productions will be registered with the Adelaide Fringe by Holden Street Theatres, allowing you to be listed in their brochure, sell tickets via their Box Office and take advantage of their participant’s services.

You will be added as an equal contact meaning you will receive all information regarding your show direct from the ADELAIDE FRINGE.

We will also work with you to register for Honey Pot, YEP and any other initiatives run by Fringe.

A quote for venue costs and fees will be tailored to your show and provided following your application to the venue.



All bookings must be confirmed by way of contract signed and Confirmation and Holding Deposits paid in full and until such time queries are considered as pencil bookings only.

Holding Deposit & Payment PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

A non-refundable Confirmation fee of 25% of the total booking is required in order to hold your dates following which a further 25% of the total booking is required on signing of the contract and before the 1st of October 2017. These two figures make up the 50% Holding Deposit and is required in order to confirm your booking. These Deposits are non-refundable.

The remainder of your hire costs less any additional charges will be deducted on settlement. Settlement will occur once all invoices, receipts and information regarding your hire has been finalised and after the full settlement of ticket sales has been paid by Fringe to the Venue.

Fringe registration costs are charged up front on signing of your contract.

The Adelaide Fringe Registration Fees for 2018 are:

$395 Performing Arts and Events of 4 sessions or more

$330 Visual Art & Design of 4 sessions or more

$210 All event categories up to and including 3 sessions

Registration fees are GST free.

This is now standard practice for the main venues in the Fringe and not negotiable. Payment of Deposits and any outstanding monies can be made by cheque, direct deposit or credit card.

Tickets will not go on sale until contract is signed and deposit paid.


You will need to provide a copy of the certificate of currency for your public liability insurance on signing of the contract.

Approval of your Fringe Guide entry and Marketing

We liaise closely with you to finalise dates, times, prices and listings copy for both the The Holden Street Fringe guide and Adelaide Fringe Guide entries.

More information on all of the aspects of hiring Holden Street for Fringe can be seen through the application process or by contacting us direct on +61 8 8223 1450 or emailing us on manager@holdenstreettheatres.com

Edinburgh Fringe Award

Click here for application information and criteria

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Interesting Articles and write-ups and FAQs


2017 - Adelaide Critics Circle Award - Angel by Henry Naylor

Adelaide Critics Circle Choice Award Wk 1 - Angel by Henry Naylor

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk 3 - Angel by Henry Naylor

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk 1 - Scorch
Adelaide Critics Circle Choice Award Wk 2 - Scorch

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk 2 - Signifying Nothing

Adelaide Fringe Critics Circle Chioce Award Week 3 -Signifying Nothing

Best show in Fringe 2017 - Stories in The Dark

inSPACE Development Award - Stories in The Dark

2016 - Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award WK2 - Gambler's Guide to Dying

Critics' Circle Choice Award - Commendation - Gambler's Guide to Dying

The Graham F Smith Peace Foundation Award - Labels by Joe Sellman-Leava

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk 1 – Labels by Joe Sellman-Leava

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre - Echoes

High Commendation - Adelaide Critics Circle Choice Award -Echoes

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award WK1 - Echoes

Bank SA Pick of the Fringe Award WK1 - Echoes

Critics Circle Choice Award WK2 - Echoes

Adelaide Fringe Award - Emerging Artists Wk 3 - Post Dining Experiments

Commendation - Adelaide Fringe Best Interactive Award Wk 3 - Post Dining

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk 3 - The Orchid and the Crow

2015 - Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk1 - Blood at the Root

Winner Underbelly Fringe Award - Cut by Duncan Graham


Minter Ellison 'Fringe & Beyond Award' - A Gaggle of Saints

The Peace Foundation Award - A Special Day (shared)

2013 – Adelaide Critics Circle, Best Show in Fringe Award

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk 1 – Glory Dazed

Underbelly Edinburgh Award – Breaker

Adelaide Fringe Best Dance Award for Life in Miniature

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk 4 – Angry Young Man

Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award Wk 3 – Breaker and Stuperstition

Adelaide Fringe Best Cabaret Award Wk 3 – Candice McQueen: Nasty!

2012 - Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Performer Award – Wee Andy

Adelaide Advertiser Best Theatre Award – Fleeto and Wee Andy

2011 - Advertiser Best Theatre Award – Bound

Nominated Adelaide Fringe Emerging Comedy Award - Rob Beckett.

2010 – Advertiser Best Theatre Weekly Award - Heroine for Breakfast.

2009 – The Advertiser Fringe Award for Theatre – Scarborough by Fiona Evans (directed by Martha Lott),

Nominated Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Performance Venue,

Nominated Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Performer & Best Solo Show - The Tailor of Inverness – Krawiecz Inverness (Scotland)

2008 - Winner of the Adelaide Fringe Best Performing Arts Venue Award

2007 - Adelaide Critics Circle Professional Group Award - Holden Street Theatre’s - What I Heard About Iraq and Fringe Programming, What I Heard About Iraq by Simon Levy Directed by Martha Lott (SA)

Advertiser Fringe Award Winner, first Fringe production to be awarded 5 Stars in the Advertiser

2006 - Winner Advertiser Fringe Award - Angry Young Man

2004 - Winner of Weekly Pick of the Fringe Advertiser award PLUCK (UK)

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