34 Holden Street
SA 5007
Next to the Coopers Stadium

( 6 mins from the CBD)

Head Office & Postal

164 South Road
SA 5031

t: 08 82231450
f: 08 82236568


The winner will receive an invitation and touring support to perform at Holden Street Theatres to perform in eth Adelaide Fringe as teh headline act of our program

The company is required to sign a contract supporting this in order to recieve the award

Support is offered in the following areas
  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Venue Hire
  • Production Costs
  • Fringe Registration
  • Visas and sponsorship
  • Administration
  • Marketing & Publicity

Productions will be selected from the EdFringe Guide by the Holden Street Theatres Awards team awith teh support of the Promoter Liaison Department of the Edinburgh Fringe Office.

A Holden Street Theatres’ representative supported by a selected panel of international producers and Arts Practitioners view the productions and if needed the Holden Street Theatres representative may contact the Production Company for further discussion. during this process the contract is discussed and agreed on under a Memorandum of Understanding. Your compnay is given a very clear ourtine of the level of support offered and of the facilities at the Venue.

We look for Artistic Merit, Production Values, Touring Possibilities, Venue Compatibility, Marketing and the productions viability based on the target audience of Holden Street Theatres.

The winner will be announced at the Scotsman Award Ceremony and an Award presented. Following this a meeting is arranged to sign the contract.

Productions are advised that any additional support they can offer may assist in the decision process.

In the event they are unable to accept, the offer of performance may be extended to another production.

The Award title can be retained by the winner for further marketing use under agreement with Holden Street Theatres. In the event that more than one production stands out, further awards or offers may be presented.


As a marketplace the Adelaide Fringe presents differnt obsticals but is as tough as Edinburgh. This is an incredible experience and a great networking opportunity for you and it is not a holiday in the Australian sunshine. So, please ONLY apply if you are prepared to work as hard as we do on selling your show and making it a successful run.


  • The winning decision is final and negotiation will not be entered into
  • The contract offered is not negotiable or redeemable for cash – (Contracts based on Arts Law Centre of Australia Performance Agreements, Media Entertainment Arts Alliance (of Australia) Agreements and Venue Performance Contracts)
  • Any company or individual may be eligible
  • If a work is deemed ineligible, the panel reserve the right not to view it
  • Shows will be viewed by representatives of Holden Street Theatres.
The Production / Company
  • Must show a high level of artistic merit and production values
  • Must have a strong Marketing campaign
  • Must have a proactive approach to Fringe performing
  • Must be prepared to do street team on a daily basis
  • Must not have been previously presented in Australia
  • Must be available to tour to Australia from mid February – mid March 2015
  • Must be able and prepared to present a minimum of 33 performances within these dates
  • Must be suitable for touring to one of the Holden Street Theatres venues
  • Must carry the Holden Street Theatres Award logo on all advertising material where the award is mentioned
  • Must list Holden Street as the primary presenter (top billing) for the production during the Adelaide Fringe period
  • Holden Street Theatres will have first option on further touring rights in Australia for twelve months following the production at Holden Street for the Adelaide Fringe
  • Companies may have other funding sources supporting the production
The Artist/s
  • Must be over 18 years of Age or be accompanied by an adult/s (Artists expense for accompanying adult)
  • Must be willing to work within guidelines set out by the theatre during their season.
  • May be required to supplement any further costs needed over and above the Award.

If you would like us to see your show please email the Application Form to : martha@holdenstreettheatres.com

Kind regards, Martha